The top 10 attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my best places in Asia and it’s always a pleasure to return to check out my favourite haunts again – and see if I can find anything new! As such, I have formed a good list of what I consider to be the top 10 attractions on the island. So let’s count down from 10-1:


10. Hong Kong is not necessarily known for its enchanting coastline or its glorious beaches, but at Sai Kung you can get plenty of sand, sea, and fantastic local food from its famous seafood market.


9. For a bit of history, why not check out the old Kowloon Walled City? It was once a bustling self-contained yet largely ungoverned community, which was knocked down in 1994 but its legacy lives on. In the 1950s through to the end of the 1970s, the walled city was controlled by triads and gangs. Since 1995, it has been known as HK’s best public park.


8. Probably the best hiking trail in all of Hong Kong, the Dragon’s Back is popular with locals and tourists alike. The shape of the terrain on which you hike is what gives the trail its name.


7. Not only is Causeway Bay seemingly the epicentre of HK’s entertainment and shopping cultures, but it also the home of the world famous trams (ding ding!). Read about my experience at Causeway Bay.


6. Mickey Mouse arrived in Hong Kong in 2005 and from an unspectacular beginning, Hong Kong Disneyland has now become one of the best theme parks in Asia with world-renowned attractions such as Mystic Manor and Grizzly River Run. Arrive early to beat the crowds – and simply avoid on public holidays! Check out my guide to Hong Kong Disneyland for tips and insider information!


5. Devoted to Taoism, Wong Tai Sin Temple is the most interesting temple in Hong Kong. A great little hour can be spent here looking at the place regardless of your religion. It is mainly a place where the locals come to make wishes and have their prayers answered by the Gods. Check out my thoughts on Wong Tai Sin Temple.


4. The Tian Tan “Big” Buddha located on Lantau Island could very well be one of the largest Buddha statues in the world. It takes a monumental effort to ascend the stairway to the Buddha itself, but once up there you will be rewarded with amazing views of the local area and out to sea.


3. Put simply, the finest market in Hong Kong. The city state is known for many of its markets, but none more so than the one at Cat Street Night Market. Even if you aren’t intending to buy anything, it’s still great to soak up the atmosphere around the place, and who knows, you may end up finding a bargain! Read about my experiences at Hong Kong’s markets, including at Temple Street.


2. Probably the highlight of Central, the famous Peak Tram is one of the icons of Hong Kong, and the short trip up to Victoria Peak will give you fantastic views all over the island, especially at sunset. There is a shopping mall up the top, as well as multiple cafés, and a hiking trail for the more adventurous! Check out what I thought about the Peak Tram and Victoria Peak.

What a sight!
What a sight!

1. Home to the TST Promenade, the Star Ferry, the Symphony of Lights, and the Avenue of Stars (not to mention a fantastic backdrop of glass skyscrapers), Victoria Harbour must surely rank alongside Sydney Harbour or Marina Bay in Singapore as one of the best bodies of water in any city! In Hong Kong, you could spend the whole day around here and never get bored. Please join me in experiencing the best skyline in Asia!

If these attractions are not mouth-watering enough, check out this cool list of the best adrenaline-fuelled activities in Hong Kong by!

One thing’s for sure: Hong Kong has a lot to offer visitors of any budget! What is your favourite attraction in the city state?

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