The Big Apple in the Little Red Dot

The fantastic art-deco architecture of Parkview Square, usually associated with downtown New York, looks so out of place in the tropical climate of the Little Red Dot!



On my first few trips to Singapore I had not even heard of Parkview Square. It was only when I was browsing through somebody’s blog detailing the off the beaten path places in Singapore that I realised how incredible Parkview Square is! I have seen nothing quite like it in the country. The only places I have seen architecture like that is in New York City; it’s almost reminiscent of Gotham City, and I half expected Batman to run out of the building’s revolving doors to try and save another crime!



Parkview Square is actually one of the most expensive office buildings in Singapore, and knowing the price of real estate in this country, it must be VERY expensive. It also houses the embassies of Austria, Mongolia, and the United Arab Emirates. Despite this, I walked inside the building with my trusty camera at hand, as I knew there was a bar inside in the lobby on the ground floor, which is actually very highly regarded. However, there were 2 security guards guarding the elevators inside, and they did not like me trying to take photos of the interior décor. So I was politely told “no photos, Sir!”, and I put my camera away after only getting one shot of the bar. I didn’t end up drinking from the bar, either, as the prices were a little off-putting (hey, I can treat myself to a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Long Bar, and a few Tigers on the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, but I’m not made of money!). Still, I can say that is was a great experience just to be inside this amazing art-deco skyscraper for a few minutes at least.



I went back outside in Parkview Square’s courtyard, and there are golden statues around the entire perimeter of famous personalities, including Salvador Dali, George Washington, Sun Yat-Sen, William Shakespeare, Mozart, Winston Churchill, and Picasso! There are gargoyles holding giant balls of fire on the outside of the building that are said to guard the building from evil spirits. In the centre of the courtyard, there is a golden crane that is thought to bring wealth to the building, and is said to be pointing in the direction of mainland China – but I have no idea why this is! As you can tell, Parkview Square is a very decorative building and is obviously with prestigious with businessmen and diplomats. That said, it is perfectly fine to come over here and have a good look around the exterior of the place, and get your fix of the Big Apple even though you’re actually in Singapore – an 18 hour flight away from New York!


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