Labrador: Time to Relax!

On the south-western coast of Singapore, close to Sentosa, there is a park and nature reserve complex, known collectively as Labrador. It’s a firm family favourite place to come and relax.



Every time I wanted to come to Labrador Park, it began pouring with rain. I tried to come to Labrador on a few occasions, and each time I had to turn back from the long road down to the Reserve, and head back to the refuge of the MRT station once more to shelter from the typical tropical monsoon. Originally, I even got lost trying to find the area, as the road I was walking down seemed to be heading away from the coast. However, with a bit of perseverance and a fortunate change in the weather, I was eventually able to make my way to the area – wilfully ignoring the famous seafood restaurants enroute.


The park itself is obviously a great place to relax, with the south coast just ahead of you which brings a nice cool breeze – which is much needed when in Singapore as it is so humid! Lots of families come here to enjoy picnic, but the park is also used by fitness fanatics and joggers who utilise the scenic area to burn off those calories and stay fit. I even saw a young student sitting underneath a pagoda and reading some books – presumably it was exam time soon!


There are many picnic tables and benches for you to sit on and stare out to sea. Strangely, I took this opportunity to laugh away life as the waves crashed in! I would have liked to go out and walk along the Labrador Boardwalk, but this was closed for renovation when I was there, and apparently it may never be opened again, which is a shame. Parts of this area, plus many more photos, can be found on this cool blog post from Sakshi Prakash.




There are old World War 2 memorials in the jungle at Labrador Park. I enjoyed walking through the screeching cicadas and exploring some of these little memorials and old cannons. Singapore has a wealth of history dating back to the World War 2 and I have researched this history extensively before my trips to the country. It is always nice to spot old war remnants like at Bukit Chandu and Fort Canning Park, and in days gone by here at Labrador Park, there were old tunnels that you could explore. Unfortunately, however, they have long since been closed to the public.

Please take a look at my YouTube video embedded below:


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