Making Wishes at Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin Temple claims to make every wish come true upon request. I was eager to see the surroundings of this popular Taoist temple and make a few wishes of my own!


Along with the Chi Lin Nunnery at Nan Lian Garden, I consider Wong Tai Sin to be the finest example of a religious temple within urban Hong Kong. From the outside, it looks like many other Taoist temples I have visited, such as Longshan Temple in Taipei, but when you walk through the front gate here at Wong Tai Sin, it really hits you of what an impressive temple this really is. The temple is named after a monk, of whom a portrait was made by a Taoist priest, and the temple here still houses this portrait. Many people come to Wong Tai Sin to make wishes and have their prayers answered by the Immortals. This is a practice known as Kau Cim (a Taoist and Buddhist belief).


Wong Tai Sin Temple is an extremely scenic place, and even if you are not religious, then it nevertheless provides a nice relaxing opportunity away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. The Good Wish Garden, in my photo above, is the postcard from Wong Tai Sin, but the grounds are also full of pagodas and little nooks and crannies and are all worth a look!

The Nine Dragon Wall is one of the most impressive parts of Wong Tai Sin Temple. I saw many tourists taking photos of this area, as well as the statues of the rams and warriors around the temple. In interior of the main temple is where a lot of people light incense and make their wishes. I won’t tell you what I wished for, but I can assure you that I am still waiting for them to be granted!

A trip to Wong Tai Sin Temple, whether you are Taoist or not, is a great little side trip from your regular activities in Hong Kong. It has its own MTR Station, and if you walk for a few minutes from Exit B2, you will be right at the entrance of the temple! Hopefully your wishes will come true!


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