Labyrinths of the Lake Gardens

I found the Lake Gardens to be a little far away from the centre of KL, almost as far as KL Sentral, which is not really a prime tourist location, but the journey from Bukit Bintang in a taxi was fairly easy, and didn’t cost too much – and at least I didn’t get ripped off, which is always a possibility with Malaysia’s notoriously cheeky taxi drivers. I was dropped off by the National Museum of Malaysia, which is just on the corner of the Lake Gardens.



Families and young children can enjoy the Lake Gardens, too, as scattered around the park there are many playgrounds with slides and swings, an orchid garden, as well as two charged attractions of the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Garden and the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. However, you would be forgiven if – like me – your main intention for visiting the gardens was just to enjoy the amazing surroundings and quietly think about life.

The best place for a stroll in KL!


Unlike over at Singapore, green spaces in Kuala Lumpur are not always easy to find, and as such, the Lake Gardens become a focus for tourists and locals alike. I saw many people jogging in the early morning dew, and I thought on more than one occasion that I should buy myself some running shorts and join them! Although I didn’t do this exercise in the end (I didn’t spend long enough in KL, anyway), I still appreciated the layout and terrain of the Lake Gardens, and acknowledged it to be a great way to get fit or stay fit! In this regard, it is very much like the Botanic Gardens in Singapore.



There are lots of water features, and gazebos under which you can sit to shelter from the sun. Roads do wind through the Lake Gardens but I didn’t find noise pollution to be a problem, and as such a lot of enjoyment and relaxing could be undertaken around these waterways and gazebos without being disturbed. I saw many sitting and studying with books, so presumably these students had exams in the near future!


I had a great time here at Taman Tasik Perdana, and I would recommend it to everybody! It’s a beautifully landscaped and manicured botanic garden and is a FREE respite from the urban jungle that is KL!


3 thoughts on “Labyrinths of the Lake Gardens

  1. Really enjoyed these pictures. The bird park was where we went in that area. Mentioning the comparative lack of green space to Singapore keeps making me inch towards visiting the latter. Is there really that much of a difference between the two places?


    1. I know Singapore much better than KL, admittedly, but in Singapore there are many urban parks and nature parks, such as Bukit Timah, Sungei Buloh, Mount Faber, Henderson Waves, Labrador, Fort Canning, Macritchie, East Coast Park, Telok Blangah…all good for a nice stroll and take in the nature and scenery. 🙂 In KL, I can only think of a few green spaces…although obviously it is not coastal like Singapore.. In KL, Titiwangsa Park is also a good’un!


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