The top 10 attractions in Sydney

Sydney is known as one of the finest cities in the world, and is the destination for more tourists than any other city in Australia and even the entire southern hemisphere. But which are the best attractions in the city? Let’s take a look and count down from 10-1:


10. The Sydney Tower is one of the largest man-made structures in the southern hemisphere. You can pay to reach the top, where an amazing observation platform can give you awesome views down below.


9. The Royal Botanic Garden is an incredible highly-manicured gardens beside the Sydney Harbour. The famous Opera House is also just a short walk away from these gardens. Lots of wild birds such as parrots, cockatoos and lorikeets can be found nesting here.

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8. Hyde Park Barracks Museum may be located inside an uninspiring façade, but it really has a great history to it, as you will learn about the days gone by where prisoners and slaves were kept in these creepy former army barracks.


7. Darling Harbour may not quite have the charm of the eponymous harbour in the city, but it is now known as a fun place to be, with a cornucopia of restaurants and bars lined up on all sides of the water. You can catch a ferry here to the main harbour, and there is also plenty of night time entertainment, such as fireworks displays.


6. Taronga Zoo must surely be the world’s most scenic zoo! Even the animals here cannot get enough of the great views across the water. While the zoo is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, you can learn loads here, as it is very educational – and the kids will love it!

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5. The Rocks is an historic place in Sydney where the first colonials landed. As such, the early residents here were turfed out of their homes and forced to relocate. Nowadays, the Rocks remains one of the only true vintage areas left in the city. Markets often pop up here, and are a big tourist draw.

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4. The Sydney Opera House needs no introduction. From the outside, everybody can get a picture, even if just sailing past on a ferry to Manly. However, for a lot of people, one of their highlights in the city will be to watch some true opera inside, or maybe just go on a guided tour of the place.


3. The Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk must be one of the most terrifying ordeals you can have in Sydney, but ultimately one of the most rewarding. You can climb the bridge in the daytime, twilight, or night time, but it doesn’t come cheap! However, it really is one for the photo albums!


2. Bondi Beach is the finest beach area in the suburbs of Sydney, and is well known for being a bit of a surfer’s paradise! Whether you are here to ride the waves, top up your tan, or just chill out with a can of Fosters (or water!), no trip to Sydney is complete without a foray out to Bondi!

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1. Circular Quay is, put simply, where all the action happens in Sydney. It is a horseshoe-shaped (not strictly circular) boulevard with the Opera House on one side, and The Rocks on the other, with all the famous Sydney ferries docking in between. And all this with the amazing Sydney Harbour Bridge looming large in the distance! Quite frankly, Circular Quay is THE place to be seen in the city!

See what I mean about this place being so amazing by reading all about my time at Circular Quay.

I had some amazing times in Sydney, and it really whetted my appetite for returning down under one day to maybe experience other Australian cities such as Melbourne and Cairns. Have you been to Sydney recently?


5 thoughts on “The top 10 attractions in Sydney

        1. Hi Shona! 🙂 I have also now walked across the Bridge, but that doesn’t count as a bridge climb, I’m afraid 😛 We both need to tick it off our bucket lists sooner rather than later. It is very expensive though.


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