Lotte World: The Korean Disneyland

I’ve always been something of a theme park fanatic and one such theme park that got my attention in Asia was Seoul’s quaint little Lotte World!



Two of the things that enchanted me most about Lotte World were the visually-impressive Atlantis Adventure water coaster, and the strangely mysterious Pharaoh’s Fury dark ride. These rides alone were good enough reasons for me to visit Lotte World when I did finally make it to Seoul. I have been to Seoul on three occasions, and the first two times I made sure I enjoyed myself at what is effectively the Korean Disneyland!


You can find Lotte World directly outside Exit #4 at Jamsil Station on the Seoul Metro (Lines 2 & 8). The park is effectively connected to the subway station, so even in inclement weather, you can have trouble-free access as soon as you leave the train. Admission costs 28,000 KRW per adult. Lotte World is one of the largest indoor theme parks and entertainment venues in the world, although it also has a large outdoor section (outdoor attractions do not operate in the harsh Korean winter). As soon as you walk inside the dome you have an impressive sight before your eyes!



For a regular tourist, many of the rollercoasters and attractions here at Lotte World may look impressive, but I know from insiders in the industry (such as over at Theme Park Review) that many of Lotte World’s attractions are getting old now. Whilst admission to the park gives you full access to the attractions, you still have to contend with queuing for each of these rides (it is a very busy place), and many of them are over in a flash, anyway. With that in mind, I set about having a nice look around the park, but ultimately I only wanted to experience Atlantis Adventure and Pharaoh’s Fury!




While indoors there are more rides for the kids, and families, it is outdoors where Lotte World’s thrill-seeking attractions are located. Despite not originally planning to do so, I took a ride on the giant Gyro Drop, and the somewhat rough Comet Express, which I found to be very hurtful on my back!



Of course, though, the ultimate highlight of Lotte World is Atlantis Adventure. This is what is known as an “Intamin Aquatrax” coaster, which actually has elements of a water ride and a traditional rollercoaster, meaning it is something of a hybrid. I spent 1 hour and 10 minutes queuing for this ride, which can be quite boring, seeing as I was on my own, but it was worth it in the end. To see what I mean about this ride, please take a look at the on-ride POV video of Atlantis Adventure embedded below (thanks to Coaster Views):


While theme parks (much like zoos) may not be everybody’s cup of tea when they come travelling to a foreign country, I still feel Lotte World has a ‘lotte’ to offer, especially if you are in a group from your hostel, which will just add to the fun. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Lotte World: The Korean Disneyland

  1. hai, me and my friends are planning to visit the lotte world, but we are a little confused on the magic pass for all attractions that cost 100.000 won. Do you know, is that kind of magic pass includes the entrance ticket? or is it seperated. Should we buy the passport pass first to buy the magic pass? Or should we buy only the admission ticket and then buy the magic pass seperately? your answer will be a huge help :)) thanks


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