Swimming in the Sky at Marina Bay Sands

Every now and then I get the chance to treat myself when I am travelling. I can ditch the backpack for a few days, and indulge myself in a luxury hotel. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is certainly what I would call a luxury hotel, and taking a dip in its famous rooftop infinity pool is simply an amazing experience!


I have already written about the amazing Marina Bay Sands Hotel and its facilities, but here I want to show off some of the amazing photos from its SkyPark.





The SkyPark has been designed very well, with ample souvenir shops, towel concierges, and toilets for the paying guests. The general public cannot use the infinity pool up here at Marina Bay Sands, but it will always get busy around noon, so if you are looking for an unobstructed early morning swim – or the chance to get that perfect selfie – then perhaps the mornings will a better and quieter time for you to enjoy the SkyPark. The SkyPark gets the sun on its rear during the morning, which means the unheated pool (at the front section, overlooking the Marina), will be cooler until the sun warms it up naturally. For those of you who just want to sunbathe, then there is ample loungers and space for you to do so at the rear of the SkyPark, which overlooks the amazing Gardens by the Bay.



In Twilight hours, the infinity pool up here on the SkyPark takes on a whole new ambience. I have heard many a traveller rave about the views at sunset from the nearby Singapore Flyer, but having been fortunate enough to have experienced both, I can attest that the atmosphere up here at Marina Bay Sands is even better! The lighting changes, to colours a little more risqué and the music becomes heavier. It is, after all, a time when the salarymen of Singapore may come up to Ku de Ta and have a few drinks to unwind after a long, hot, and sticky day.




Once the sun has gone down, the colours change once more on the SkyPark, and the Chocolate and Cheese bars open to the public, as well as Ku de Ta becoming more of a club rather than a bar. It is a time when the families who stay here will probably be entertaining themselves in the theatres or casino, or the kids may already be in bed. As a hotel guest, of course you stay up here all day long if you please, there are no rules against it, but I certainly notice a huge change in atmosphere after dark. The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, after all, is a place to be seen and heard!

12 thoughts on “Swimming in the Sky at Marina Bay Sands

  1. Been to Singapore twice but have never stayed at Marina Bay Sands, or had a dip at the infinity pool, now I have to bucket list it.,save enough to do it, I guess..would be awesome!


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