Top 5 most incredible palaces in India

There are so many resplendent palaces in India that narrowing them down to just 5 is almost impossible, and surely everyone will have a different opinion. But I will now go through the 5 most impressive palaces in the country, from 5-1:


Bangalore Palace is one of Bangalore’s most famous sights, and being located down in tropical south central India, is the only palace in this Top 5 List that is not in the Rajasthan area of the country. Owned by the Mysore Royal Family, Bangalore Palace bears more a little resemblance to Windsor Castle in the UK!


Amber Fort is an extravagant palace that is located in Jaipur. It was built high on a hill by Raja Man Singh I, and incorporates many Hindu elements in its design. There is a lake at its forefront making its locale all the more impressive. If you are lucky, you can take an elephant ride up the long winding paths to the Palace itself! Read more about my time at the Amber Fort!


Agra Fort is located just a 2 hour drive away from Delhi down the Yamuna Expressway. While somewhat overshadowed by its more famous palace in Agra (see below), Agra Fort nevertheless handles an incredible load of tourists every year. Please refer to my experience at Agra Fort for some more great photos!

The Taj is only 2 hrs from Delhi
The Taj is only 2 hrs from Delhi

The Taj Mahal, also located in Agra, is known as one of the true 7 wonders of the world, and its glory is there for all to see. While strictly more of a mausoleum than a palace, everybody can agree that, whether you are there in person taking photos, or whether you are just looking at those photos online, the Taj is the greatest example of Mughal Empire architecture still in tact. For further reading, please check out my experience at the Taj Mahal!


Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is my pick as the greatest palace in India. Perhaps it is not as well-known as some of the others in this list, but in many ways that is what makes it so special. Did you even know this palace existed? Umaid Bhawan was built in 1943 and is the largest private residence in the world – and that is not hard to believe from the photo above!

It was hard to leave off some of the other famous palaces in India from this top 5 list, but I would be interested in learn about your picks!


12 thoughts on “Top 5 most incredible palaces in India

          1. Well, yours are very specific. Mine are not. Mine tend to be more around regions. The Kumaon Mountains, Meghalaya for instance. For more specific sites, I go for The Red Fort in Delhi, The Sun Temple, Halebidu, The Qutb Minar and the Fort in Jodhpur.. Off the top of my head!


    1. The Lake Palace in Udiapur was going to be one of my choices, but I wanted something from southern India in the list, too. And while the Taj is effectively a mausoleum (?) I think many people still think of it as ‘the marble palace’. At least I do.


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