On The Rocks…

I have since realised that I never took many photos from my forays to Sydney’s The Rocks, even though I visited it at least once every day of my stay down under. I walked through The Rocks on my way from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay, which is a good 30 minutes walk, the first half of which is through the CBD, and then we get to The Rocks.



It’s an historic area of Sydney, which was the first location Westerners touched down at when they came to Australia. Local Aboriginal families used the nearby Harbour as a means of trade and transportation up the Parramatta River. Nowadays, it is a quaint village with residents living in the old cobblestoned streets, with wooden-beamed housing, and there are some nice old fashioned pubs here, too, such as the Lord Nelson, where I enjoyed a pint one day. In fact, descendants of the original Aboriginal families that used to live here still reside in the area.


The Rocks rises steeply and is quite hilly. As you can see from the photo above, there are some nice views of the Harbour from within The Rocks, and as such I guess real estate value is pretty high here. However, I learned as I was walking through the streets here that there are plans to demolish the residential parts of The Rocks. There were ‘save our streets’ posters on almost everybody’s gate and windows. Historically, there have always been demolitions and evictions here, dating right back through the centuries.



Although I didn’t have much time to examine the history of The Rocks while I was in Sydney, it is nevertheless interesting to read up on it all now.


6 thoughts on “On The Rocks…

  1. I’m from Melbourne but I love the Rocks area. We stayed at Old Sydney Holiday Inn (I’m not a back packer lol) and loved the location. Such history. I know that coming from the Uk your country is steeped in history going back to and beyond I suppose of the days of Stonehenge (I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been there).


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