Sydney’s Garden with a View

The admission is free, the weather amazing, and the views spectacular from virtually anywhere inside the Botanical Garden. What more could you want?

The Botanic Gardens are in the shadow of the Opera House
The Botanic Gardens are in the shadow of the Opera House

I walked from my hotel in Darling Harbour to the Circular Quay area of Sydney Harbour, which took around 30 minutes. However, the walk was very pleasant, and I got to stroll through the historic district of The Rocks enroute. When at Circular Quay, it is only a matter of minutes to the world famous Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney. The gardens are as much noted for their views of the resplendent Opera House as they are for its flora and fauna.



Aside from the omnipresent seagulls, I saw lots of cranes and cockatoos when I was walking through the gardens, although to my disappointment, I did not see any lorikeets. However, it was still enjoyable to see those wild birds in such lush foliage as we see here at these gardens in Sydney. It must be heaven for birds in this park, with so many trees on which to perch, and so many little nooks and crannies in which to hide from the tourists.

The backdrop is the Sydney CBD
The backdrop is the Sydney CBD
The tropical foliage was very impressive
The tropical foliage was very impressive

Another thing that impressed me here was the use of life-size statues to add character to the gardens. Not one hundred paces went by without seeing another eerie statue staring at me. I took plenty of photos of each of them, and occasionally you would get a great big tree or tropical plant next to one, which works wonders for photography!


Although I did nothing but walk around these amazing gardens, and admire the views from within and across to the Opera House, I hazard a guess that it must be a very nice to have a picnic here in the autumnal sunshine. There is a café in the park, which gets very crowded throughout the day, but if I ever went back here I would pack myself a lunchbox and just sit around and people watch for an hour.


4 thoughts on “Sydney’s Garden with a View

    1. Wow, you are so lucky to have such an amazing botanic garden to enjoy during your lunchbreak (not to mention the Opera House nearby too)! When I am travelling in Singapore, I often head to Gardens by the Bat to enjoy some lunch in a quiet spot amongst the foliage, so I know how you feel.

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