The best fast food in Singapore

I have compiled a list of 100 of the top fast food brands in Singapore. These brands are listed in order from 100-1 according to my own personal opinion of the mix of brand image and taste of food. So, let’s see exactly what these food-loving Singaporeans are eating on the streets!


100. Taipei Station, 99. Jollibee, 98. Woo Ricebox, 97. Dancing Crab, 96. Durian Mpire, 95. BaliThai, 94. Ruyi, 93. Sakae Sushi, 92. Ben’s Cookies, 91. CHIPPY, 90. Mr Bean, 89. Yummi Bites, 88. Hong Kong Egglet, 87. The Daily Scoop, 86. Kraze Burgers, 85. Boston Seafood Shack, 84. Paris Baguette, 83. Cocoa Colony, 82. Ayam Penyet Ria, 81. The Tiramisu Hero


80. Mad For Garlic, 79. Tuk Tuk Cha, 78. Monster Curry, 77. Ireland’s Potato, 76. Putien, 75. Hatched, 74. Three Little Pigs, 73. Yoshinoya, 72. IndoBox, 71. Prata Wala, 70. Burger vs. Wings, 69. BeeGurt, 68. Bangkok Jam, 67. Tsujiri, 66. Poulet, 65. Little Hiro, 64. Yoogane, 63, Bengawan Solo, 62. MEATLiquor, 61. Honeymoon Dessert


60. Osaka Ohsho, 59. Le Nu Taiwanese Noodle Bar, 58. Ya Kun Kaya Toast, 57. WOW Tako, 56. Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, 55. Laksania, 54. Malioboro, 53. Ramen Champion, 52. Ajisen Ramen, 51. NeNe Chicken, 50. Toast Box, 49. Honey Creme, 48. Crust Gourmet Pizza, 47. Veganburg, 46. Coco Ichibanya, 45. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, 44. Mei Heong Yuen, 43. Old Chang Kee, 42. Jollibean, 41. Cajun Kings


40. Island Creamery, 39. Shinkansen, 38. London Fat Duck, 37. Dosirak, 36. Tim Ho Wan, 35. BonChon Chicken, 34. Comnam Broken Rice, 33. Tsukiji Gindaco, 32. Pie Face, 31. Bread Street Kitchen, 30. AltPizza, 29. Chir Chir, 28. Tai-Parfait, 27. Gyoza-Ya, 26. MexOut, 25. Beard Papa’s, 24. llaollao, 23. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, 22. Three Buns, 21. Blackball


20. Seoul Yummy – affordable Korean cuisine

19. Pong Gelato – Thai-style coconut ice cream

18. ToriQ – insanely good value Japanese yakitori

17. Gong Cha – the best Taiwanese bubble tea brand in Singapore

16. Yoguru – memorable froyo

15. Simply Sandwich – the only place to get your western-style sandwiches

14. RamenPlay – fun Japanese cuisine

13. Yellow Submarines – a great brand that sells the cheesesteak

12. Bear Bites – Taiwanese gua bao

11. Awfully Chocolate – sinfully delightful chocolate goodies

10. DOJO – the second-best burger brand in Singapore, specialising in pork burgers

9. Nam Nam Noodle Bar – incredible Vietnamese cuisine

8. Sushi Burrito – cool Japanese/Mexican hybrid

7. Green Rabbit – a great brand selling salads and wraps

6. Din Tai Fung – famous Taiwanese cuisine

5. Milkcow – sexy soft-serve ice cream from South Korea

4. Omakase Burger – undoubtedly the tastiest burgers in the Little Red Dot

3. Sumo Salad – easily the best salad shop in Singapore

2. ThaiExpress – amazingly authentic Thai cuisine at amazing prices

1. 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken – Korean-style fried chicken is the ultimate fast food brand in Singapore!

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So that concludes my look at the Singaporean fast food scene. I hope I have given you some good advice on what to eat when you’re next feeling a little peckish!

7 thoughts on “The best fast food in Singapore

    1. I had some RamenPlay last week when I was in Singapore. I had bamboo chicken and crispy dangoes. They were delicious. I also found out that Cold Rock Creamery has closed in its location at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. So there is more Cold Rock in the country. 😦


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