The best botanic gardens in the world

The Singapore Botanic Gardens near the Orchard Road shopping district in the Lion City is a 183-acre botanical garden that first amazed visitors in 1859, and is currently under consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tanglin Gate


A famous statue on Swan Lake

I immediately noticed that the grounds and foliage of the Singapore Botanic Gardens were amazing! I had been to Taipei Botanic Gardens and to the Botanic Gardens in Kandy, Sri Lanka, but I had never seen anything quite like this! I visited Singapore Botanic Gardens very early one morning, as I didn’t want to be walking around during the heat of the day. Early mornings in Singapore often produce a light haze from the sun’s rays, which give a nice tint to photos, even though the glare can often be hurtful to your eyes. For more great photos from the Singapore Botanic Gardens, I highly recommend taking a look at this fantastic blog from Lisa Tokyo!

A Malayan Water Monitor
A Malayan Water Monitor

If you are lucky enough you may spot a water monitor or two. I was fortunate enough to spot this very large one basking in the morning sun near the rear of Symphony Lake. I think it is a Malayan Water Monitor Lizard, which are harmless to humans, even though they can grow as long as their more ferocious cousin the Komodo Dragon (but nowhere near as heavy)!

Inside a greenhouse
Tan Hoon Siang Misthouse
National Orchid Garden
National Orchid Garden

Inside the Singapore Botanic Garden, is another attraction called the National Orchid Garden. Entry to the Orchid Garden requires a small admission (entry to the Botanic Garden itself is obviously free) but it is worth the cost, and it is consistently rated on TripAdvisor as one of the top attractions in all of Singapore.



Strange dead-looking trees
Strange dead-looking trees

I enjoyed the various gardens scattered around, such as the Children’s Garden and the Ginger Garden with its lovely waterfall, but I especially loved the Evolution Garden. The Evolution Garden tells the story of plant life on Earth throughout the ages. Another cool place in the Botanic Gardens was the Rainforest area, which is actually older than the Gardens themselves!

It was a great morning walking around the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and I would like to return some time soon to explore regions hidden within that I did not discover on this occasion, and who knows – I may even join the true fitness freaks and have a jog around the Gardens early one morning to keep myself fit!

For more information on some of the other green parks in Singapore check out my blogs on The Southern Ridges Walk, Gardens by the Bay, and Fort Canning Park.

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