The Beautiful Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is the best beach in Dubai by a long chalk and although it is privately owned by the Jumeirah Hotel Group, you can access the beach area even though you are not a paying guest at any of the area’s swanky 5 star resorts by paying a small fee (5AED per person). Spanning across 12 hectares of beach/park hybrid land, Jumeirah Beach is a great example of both landscaping and environmental coordination.



With the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab looking incredible on the beachfront, and with the opulent Madinat Jumeirah Resort close by, you can full well imagine that Jumeirah Beach is a popular place for holidaymakers from all around the globe.



When you do make it to Jumeirah Beach Park, the above photos give you an impression of what you can experience. It is an ideal location for a family picnic at weekends, or a game of volleyball after work before the sun sets. With showers, barbecue areas, clean toilets, and proficient lifeguards on duty all year round, it is no wonder Jumeirah Beach is a favourite hangout for many of the emirate’s denizens.

Jumeirah Beach is undoubtedly the best beach in Dubai and you cannot go wrong for a little stroll along the beachfront under the haze of the Arabian sun.


6 thoughts on “The Beautiful Jumeirah Beach

  1. Beaches in Dubai can be confusing. Jumeriah Beach runs the entire length of the city, the whole beach front area is called Jumeirah Beach. Some parts are private for the hotels. There are also beach parks, like the one you mention. These have facilities. There are also large areas of free beach, including in front of Dubai Marina and next door to Jumeirah Beach Park, with Burj al Arab in the near distance. The free beach areas mostly do not have toilets, loungers, umbrellas etc.


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