All aboard the Singapore Flyer!

The Singapore Flyer is one of the tallest observation wheels in the world and gives fantastic 360degree unobstructed views of downtown Singapore. The Flyer can be seen from anywhere in the downtown core, but the views from inside the Flyer’s pods can even allow you to see the other side of the country, on a clear day.

Looking at the Singapore Flyer from Merlion Park
Looking at the Singapore Flyer from Merlion Park


The Flyer is conveniently located on Raffles Avenue and can be accessed by the MRT at Promenade Station, from where it is a short 5 minute walk to the ticketing booth. I found the tickets for the Flyer to be a little on the expensive side (S$33 per adult guest), but I guess this is Singapore, after all! It’s not cheap here! You can ride the Singapore Flyer between 8.30am and 10.30pm. It is probably best to see the cityscape during twilight hours or during sunset.

About to get on
About to get on

Security is tight here, much like at various skyscrapers around the world such as Taipei 101 or The Shard in London. I had to walk through a full body scanner and have my camera x-rayed. It is nice to know precautions are being taken. There was an indoor educational display with strobe lighting as you walked from the ground level to where you boarded the pods. I was also pressured into having my photo taken for a souvenir that I insisted I was not going to be purchasing! Anyway, when all was said and done, a group of about 10 of us boarded a pod and began our slow rotation.

Great views of MBS
Great views of MBS

At the summit of the rotation, you get amazing views, and I in particular love the above shot from near the top with a great view of Marina Bay Sands hotel. From that photo you can also ascertain the size and layout of each pod. There is enough room for everybody to sit down if necessary and there is a video and audio guide to inform you of various titbits as you go round. Interestingly, if you book in advance and pay a special fee, you can actually have dinner with your girlfriend in the pod with a specially arranged table for two. It must be nice to wine and dine at such elevation, and must be especially romantic in the evenings.


I stood for the whole ‘flight’ and enjoyed my time observing the views over Singapore. It is the only high structure I have ever been up in Singapore so it gave me great views that I will never forget. Unfortunately in my ‘flight’ there were a group of very loud Chinese tourists who were loudly nattering for the whole time about nothing in particular (believe me, I speak Mandarin). I wondered why they bothered paying the price if they weren’t going to show any interest. Anyway, when all is said and done and you get back down to the bottom of the Flyer, there are some restaurants and shops for you to get a bite to eat or buy yourself a souvenir of your experience (but don’t let the attendant in the queue bully you into having your photo taken!). Regarding the food outlets, Seafood Paradise, in particular, seemed very popular when I was there, and I think there is also a Popeye’s selling your traditional fastfood items.

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