The Roof of Hong Kong

Victoria Peak – known locally as The Peak – is the highest point on Hong Kong Island itself, and the second highest point in Hong Kong overall. Although the absolute ‘peak of the Peak’ is only used for telecommunications and is out of bounds for the public, the rest of the area contains sprawling roads and gardens for tourists to explore, and offers incredible panoramic views over nearby Victoria Harbour and the surrounding islands.

This is an overview of what it looks like at the top of Victoria Peak – but you’ve got to get up there first!

You can access Victoria Peak by getting the MTR to Central Station. Exit from Junction 2 and purchase your good-value ticket for the famous Peak Tram, which will take you right up to the top (return tickets can be bought for the downwards journey). Alternatively, you can get an expensive taxi, or preferably a much cheaper public bus (Bus 15 – alight from Exchange Square terminus). Likewise, you can burn off those calories and walk up to the top, which is not recommended as the roads are very narrow and most don’t have any pathways.

At the base of the Peak Tower to catch the Tram upward
At the base of the Peak Tower to catch the Tram upward
In the station for the Peak Tram
In the station for the Peak Tram
Onboard, and going up. Fast! It is surprisingly white-knuckle!
Onboard, and going up. Fast! It is surprisingly white-knuckle!

The Peak Circle Walk is a trail which you can walk. It takes you right around Victoria Peak and offers amazing views of the harbour. This is especially nice at sunset. If you time your walk well, you could even see both sides of Hong Kong in the setting sun! The Walk begins at Lugard Road and takes you up to Harlech Road. Plenty of joggers and exercise enthusiasts use this trail and much of it is under the tree canopy which will give you some respite from the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the Hong Kong humidity, so make sure you have a bottle of water with you before embarking on the Peak Circle Walk. It is this kind of activity, however, that makes The Peak so much more interesting than a similar attraction over in Malaysia called Penang Hill.


With views like this, who wouldn't be an exercise enthusiast?!
With views like this, who wouldn’t be an exercise enthusiast?!

On the way back down from the Peak, I decided to catch the Peak Tram. It is an old tram system, but perfectly safe. It transverses the Peak very steeply, and at some stages I was uneasy. However, it does its job perfectly of transporting tourists up and down the Peak safely and it must be a good money-earner for the authorities, too!

I thoroughly recommend visiting Victoria Peak to everybody, young or old, and you must utilise the Peak Tram at least on one of your journeys (to be honest, probably going up would be better as it would be create more mystique).

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