India in Pieces: Humayun’s Tomb

This Mughal mausoleum was the first attraction I ever visited in India, having landed in Delhi from Dubai late one evening. The very next morning, my exploration began with an adventure here at Humayun’s Tomb, and then a foray into the nearby Lodhi Gardens later that afternoon.


Humayun’s Tomb is the final resting place of the Mughal emperor Humayun. Created by a Persian architect, it was the first garden tomb on the Indian sub-continent, pre-dating even the Taj Mahal in Agra, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The entire complex comprises the tombs of not only Humayun himself but those of his family and significant other Mughals of the era.

Birdlife abundant
Birdlife abundant

I found Humayun’s Tomb to be a great tourist attraction, and I really enjoyed spending a few hours at the site, not only learning about the history of the Mughal empire, but also taking a leisurely stroll through the impressive gardens of the tomb complex, which also contains some interesting wildlife and birdlife, for example pheasants, eagles, foxes, and I also saw a cobra, but thankfully it was being removed by a team of gardeners as to not endanger itself or the visitors around it!

The scenery adds to the magic
The scenery adds to the magic
Standing atop the tomb looking back to the site entrance
Standing atop the tomb looking back to the site entrance

Humayun’s Tomb is really impressive from the top. You have to walk up very steep steps to get to the uppermost level, but from there you have astounding views of the area encircling the tomb. There are also nice water features at ground level, which may or may not be in full motion at the time of your visit. It seems like the curators of the this site have been cutting back on the Rupees in recent times.


Thanks for reading, and please take a look at a video experience of a trip to Humayun’s Tomb here:


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