A walk around Marina Bay, Singapore

Sydney Harbour, Australia. Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. The Bund, Shanghai. They are all supreme examples of riverside architecture and leisure facilities combined to make amazing attractions for tourists and local people alike.

Marina Bay in Singapore easily fits into the same category.

Marina Bay Sands at night
Quite a sight!

My love of Singapore is well-documented and I have written many blog posts from there, on such subjects as its hotels, its parks and beaches, its wildlife, its hostels, and even its airport! Check them all out Here.

Even though it is a small country, Singapore still has some wondrous sights. But the thing I like most about Singapore is its small enclaves and localities such as Tiong Bahru, Ang Mo Kio, Serangoon, Bukit Timah, Chinatown, and of course Marina Bay, complete with its iconic Merlion!

Please take a look at my YouTube video chronicling the walk around Marina Bay:

It is around Marina Bay that I want to take you today and through a pictorial and video guide to give you an indication of the wonderment you can experience here. So let us begin from Marina Bay Sands, and travel clockwise around the marina until we get all the way back to the hotel itself.

Marina Bay Sands
The world’s most photographed building?
Singapore CBD
Part of Singapore’s rapidly-expanding CBD

Around this part is a nice place to have a walk or even a jog! You can see many people doing their stretching and tai chi in the mornings too! There are even mist vents that spray mist into the air to keep you cool from the Singapore weather!

The Fullerton Bay Hotel
The Fullerton Bay Hotel

One of Singapore’s most expensive hotels, the immaculate Fullerton Bay Hotel. I have never stayed there myself but a good friend has done so and spoke very highly of it. There is a nice Chinese restaurant in there, as well as the Lantern Bar, which has amazing views over the Marina and of course Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Singapore Merlion
Now looking back where we started

Merlion Park contains a few shops and cafes and is adjacent to One Fullerton, which is a integrated office/retail complex on the marina. The Merlion of course is the national ‘animal’ of Singapore (albeit mythical), being half fish and half lion. It is a great place to take some photos with a virtual 360 degree view around Marina Bay, with great photo opportunities everywhere you look. Of course, it is good to get a ‘selfie’ in front of the Merlion statue while you’re there too!

Singapore Esplanade Theatre
Behind me on the bridge is part of the F1 Grand Prix circuit!

Marina Bay Sands and the Fullerton Bay are not the only legendary hotels around Marina Bay. The Pan Pacific and the Mandarin Oriental are also among the top rated hotels in all of Singapore, and they have amazing views of the marina. You can the hotel buildings in the photo above (first and third buildings from the left).

Looking back at the CBD through the trees of Esplanade Park
Looking back at the CBD through the trees of Esplanade Park

The Esplanade Theatres are Singapore’s answer to the Opera House in Sydney or the Royal Albert Hall in London. These theatres have an exterior resembling that of a durian and are quite unlike any other sight in the region. Just like at Merlion Park and One Fullerton, there are many cafes and bars around this area of Marina Bay, too.

Singapore Flyer
Underneath the Singapore Flyer

Walking past the famous Mandarin Oriental hotel from the Esplanade and past the F1 circuit grandstand and floating football pitch, you will eventually come to the Singapore Flyer. It must be noted that the Flyer is located across the road and not literally on Marina Bay itself, although as an important landmark of the area I have included it here. I will cover the Singapore Flyer in a separate blog but it is a great – albeit expensive – way of seeing the city!

Marina Bay Sands at night, as seen through the Helix Bridge
Marina Bay Sands at night, as seen through the Helix Bridge

Back on to Marina Bay proper, you encounter the Helix Bridge which takes you back to the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort complex. At night this bridge is especially spectacular as it is lit with thousands of neon lights. It is a pedestrian bridge although many joggers will use the bridge as part of their fitness routines. Once again, this area of Marina Bay provides great photo opportunities.

The Art Science Musuem at MBS
The Art Science Museum

Off of the Helix Bridge, you will finally get back to where we started the tour – in front of Marina Bay Sands hotel. However, the Art Science Museum, which is part of the MBS complex, is another interesting photo opportunity. It is one of the premier exhibition centres in Singapore and many interesting galleries and exhibits are on display all year round.

At any location of Marina Bay you can watch the night time spectacular light and laser show called Wonder Full. However, this is best viewed from underneath Marina Bay Sands on the promenade there, where you will get the best views.

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