Admiring the best skyline in Asia

Hong Kong is perhaps best known for being the home to the Victoria Harbour, complete with its amazing skyline of skyscrapers and junk boats plying the still waters in the foreground. It truly makes for an awe-inspiring sight!

What a sight!
What a sight!

I have only been to Hong Kong once, and I made sure that Victoria Harbour was my first port of call. I consider the Hong Kong skyline along the harbour to be the finest in the world, even ahead of the numerous skyscrapers of New York, Dubai, Tokyo, the Marina Bay area of Singapore, or even Sydney Harbour! There is just something so special about Hong Kong’s waterfront.

The Avenue of Stars


There is also a boardwalk alongside the harbour called The Avenue of Stars, which showcases the famous names in the Hong Kong and Cantonese entertainment industries, which began with the Shaw Brothers’ movie studio and has since spawned numerous Kung-Fu and martial arts heroes such as Bruce Lee. It is often blisteringly hot and humid in Hong Kong, and along the Avenue of Stars there is not much respite from the glaring sun, so make sure you bring along an umbrella or top up with sun lotion! It is nevertheless a popular area for tourists and locals alike to enjoy a pleasant walk in the daytime while enjoying the view and taking photos!


It is in the evening, however, when the Harbour comes to life. A breath-taking laser and light show called The Symphony of Lights is held every night where the skyscrapers on the Central side of Hong Kong are illuminated to a musical soundtrack. It provides amazing photo and video opportunities! The show is, of course, free, but make sure to get there quite early in the evening, as you don’t want too many people standing in front of you obscuring your views!

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