An hour in Fort Canning Park

Singapore is known all over the world for its many parks and gardens. After all, it is not called the Garden State for nothing!

As soon as you step out of Singapore Changi airport you realise you are in the tropics, with fresh greenery all around you, even lining the roads into the city! Once you are in the city, there are plenty of public parks to choose from if you wanted to walk around and explore.

Nice place

One of my favourite green spaces in Singapore is Fort Canning Park, which is located just behind Clarke Quay and Boat Quay on the Singapore River. Fort Canning was a fort during World War 2 and still remnants of the time remain for you to explore, including the Battle Box, which is an indoor history of the time period, although this is not free, it is nonetheless a good addition to the park.

It was once a small fortress
It was once a small fortress

I have never seen any monkeys at Fort Canning, either, which is a good thing! What you can see, however, are little reminders on the fencing that some of Fort Canning Park is off limits to the public, as some military exercises are still undertaken at the summit.

Take the warnings seriously
Take the warnings seriously

All in all, Fort Canning Park is a lovely green park through which to stroll for an hour or two. There are ample picnic areas, if you want to bring a snack or two, but remember to leave nothing behind. There is also a little snack bar at the foot of the park, but it is not always open. Be aware that there is nowhere safe to shelter from thunder and lightning at Fort Canning Park, as there are lots of high trees which can be a safety hazard, and although the park is not as big as say Bukit Timah or Mount Faber Park, you should still check the weather forecast before you go, just to be on the safe side.

Beautiful setting for a picnic
Beautiful setting for a picnic
Plan your route according to the weather!
Plan your route according to the weather!

I hope that you get the opportunity to visit Fort Canning Park for yourself in the near future, as my pictures and words cannot do it justice. Although not as grand as the Botanical Gardens, or as wild as Bukit Timah, it still has its own colonial charm. Please take a look at my experience at Fort Canning Park captured on video recently:

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